Glee: Already missing one of the bright spots on your Wednesday-night lineup (the other being Modern Family, duh!)? Well, at least you don't have to go through this harrowing separation anxiety empty-handed. The season-one DVD Glee: The Road to Sectionals hits shelves Dec. 29, and with extras like the "Slushie Jam" (which you can see for yourself in the clip above), how can we not feel the love from the folks at Fox?

Lost: Promo pictures have arrived! The season-six cast shots for Lost include Claire (yay!), Miles and all the usuals you know and love.

So You Think You Can Dance: Think Adam Lambert is a big-time performer for the SYTYCD finale? Think again. FOX has just tapped Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis and Mary J. Blige to take the stage during the dance-champ reveal.

Meanwhile, over in the land of Gossip Girl...

Gossip Girl: According to Josh Schwartz, "Jenny [Taylor Momsen] and Chuck are really going to be driving a lot of story as we move into the back half of the season." He'd better not mean together, right Bluck fans!?

Supernatural: TNT has picked up the rights to air the CW's Supernatural in cable syndication, and guess what? The channel that "knows drama" begins repeating the SPN drama on Jan. 4. That's so soon. Whoo hoo!

Dexter: Just in case you (a) live under a rock, (b) haven't checked WWK in the last 12 hours or (c) are still very much in denial about what went down in last night's heartbreaking finale, we've got you covered with our own take on the tragedy, and reactions from those who didn't survive the ep. 

As for next season, show runner Clyde Phillips tells our frenemy not to expect Deb to learn Dexter's secret right away: "Once we do that...want to talk about game changers? Once we do that, the game is changed in a way that we just don't know how to anticipate just yet."


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