Rosie O'Donnell

Chris Gordon / Getty Images

Rosie O'Donnell has upset a cancer foundation.  In a recent interview with Rachel Ray, Rosie said that she "loves to tan" and that exposure to the sun is "not dangerous." 

It makes sense that she'd be such a sun worshipper, every time I think of Rosie I think about her bronze glow. I assume she knows the sun is a little bad for you, but she has to pretend it isn't in order to sell tickets to her gay cruise. 

The Ray Festa Melonoma Foundation is not taking her comments lightly.  A supporter of the foundation said that, "Going out into the sun without protection is as, or even more dangerous, than having unprotected sex." 

I think that's taking it a little far.  I realize that a terrible sunburn can result in blisters, but at least those kinds of blisters go away. 

Sunburn: 1, Unprotected Sex: 0.

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