Yep, Chris Brown is still talking. Dude's still got an album to promote after all, and this time he's going to do it the right way (which means less beating up girlfriends and more lounging in space while listening to inspirational music).

ABC is giving the R&B singer a chance to respond to Rihanna's interview last month with Diane Sawyer (during which she recounted the brutal attack)—a preview of which aired this morning. It's actually less of a response and more of Robin Roberts sitting him down to ensure he gets the severity of what happened and understands what Rihanna said about domestic violence.

Brown is his usual well-spoken self, explaining to Roberts he was never a violent person so he's still incredulous this all even happened.

"I never ever had problems with anger. No, no domestic violence with any of my past girlfriends. I never was that kind of person. I look at it, and it's really, like really difficult. It's like, 'How could I be that person?'"

He goes on to apologize for whatever umpteenth time this is. "I was wrong for what I did. It's not something I look over. I'm really sorry for what went down and what happened."

Then when Roberts asks if he understands why no one finds him or his countless apologies very sincere, he claims to realize he comes off as a punk, but really there are a lot of layers going on with the C.Brown that no one sees.

"I think what it is when people see me smiling and kind of nonchalantly giving answers or saying things, it's I'm human," he says. "Really, I'm like really hurting inside and it really kind of is like devastating to me."

As for Rihanna, all he says is, "I have love for her." 

The rest of the interview will air tomorrow night on 20/20. Get ready to count all the "likes."


Is this interview enough to dig him out of our What a Douche! gallery? Probably not, but nice try, C.Brown.

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