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Glee Love Debate: Should Rachel Be With Finn or Puck?

Glee, Mark Salling, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith Matthias Clarner/FOX

If you're a Glee fan of any measure, you may have heard that certain Glee watchers are strongly split on one question: Who is Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) one true partner? Should she be singing duets with earnest jock Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) or harmonizing with edgy "jerk" Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling)?

We're partial to both pairings, which means we could be persuaded either way, and that's why we're hosting another one of our irregular (but oh-so-fun) love debates.

So we've opened the floor to speeches in favor of both Team Puckleberry and Team Finnchel, and selected the best two arguments to present to you today. Your job is to jump in here, read the resolutions in favor, and then decide for yourself which pairing is more perfect for Rachel.

Ready? Set? Go!

Argument in favor of "Finn & Rachel" by Stephanie in New York

From the first episode of Glee, Finn and Rachel make their mark as the "It couple" of McKinley High School. The only problem? They are not actually together. He's the popular, clueless jock, and she's the talented, type-A geek; they are polar opposites. Yet they share musical talent and a desire to chase their dreams out of their small hometown.

On paper, they make no sense as a couple, and this is exactly why they actually work. To quote Rachel, "It is our differences that make us special. It's our differences that will help us win."

What cements this couple is the music. When they sing to each other, they express what they cannot say out loud.

Rachel was heartbroken to learn that Finn's girlfriend was pregnant (though only viewers know that Finn is not the father). Rachel finds out about the baby and is devastated. Finn tells her, heartsick, that he has feelings for her and their kiss was real. Rachel sticks with Glee Club, telling Finn, "If I let you down when you needed me most, I'd never forgive herself." Rachel knows she can help the club win competitions, aiding Finn in earning a college scholarship. This selfless act leads to a heartbreaking performance of Queen's "Somebody to Love." Rachel and Finn sing, reaching their arms out to hang on to each other. "Someday I'll get outta this prison cell," they sing. "Someday I'm gonna be free."

With Glee, all you need to know is in the music.

Argument in favor of "Puck & Rachel" by Julie in California

There are three factors that help me to determine which couple I will support for any fandom. These three factors are potential, chemistry and compatibility. Potential is what first drew me to the Puck-Rachel relationship on Fox's Glee. The moment his slushy hit her face, I thought, "This could be something. Something great." Something like the gruff popular/loner type bonding with the sweet, unpopular girl, where one learns to soften and the other learns cool confidence. Slightly cliché, maybe, but great nonetheless. Their compatibility stems from a shared desire to be a star (she's a gold star, he's a rock star) and a fierce determination when going after what they want.

Last, but certainly not least, is their chemistry. One need only to watch "Mashup" (warning: Puck-Rachel scenes might cause your TV to burst into flames) to become subject to the intense chemistry that burns between the two of them.

Yes, they are hot. Yet there is a sweetness that almost softens the sparks, making Puck and Rachel seem real, genuine. It is the summation of all of these factors that keep me on board the Puck-Rachel "ship" with the intent to never disembark. I'm encouraged by the Puck-Rachel fan base, which continues to grow every day, that I will not be sailing on this ship alone.

Glee Joe Viles/FOX

So? What do you think? Or do you declare this all to be poppycock because Puck obviously belongs with Quinn (Dianna Agron), or heck, because you've read the slashfic and you're just sure that Quinn belongs with Rachel?

Vote in the poll below to cast your official vote, and then tell us why you feel the way you do in the comments below. We'll name the official winner (and enshrine that pairing in our TV Couples We Love gallery) in the Dec. 7 spoiler chat.


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