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    Bonus Blind! Twilight's Rocky Trailer Makes a Daring Move!

    Blind Vice

    Everyone wants a status update on Rocky Trailer—one of the many bisexual stars caught up in the Twilight mega franchise.

    Clearly none of the New Mooners blabbed about their tendencies to swing both ways. Ya know, getting turned on by guys and girls.

    This doesn't come as that big of a surprise to us. Like we said, we'd believe it when we heard it. It's always easier for an actor to think they'll break boundaries by coming clean about their sexuality, but so few ever do.

    Our own Taryn Ryder encountered Rocky very recently and actually and had quite the run-in...

    Rocky was totally hitting on her! That's right, couldn't get enough of the—let's face it—not exactly nun-like look she had going on.

    R.T. knew T.R. was a reporter, yes, but didn't seem too shy about wanting to get to know her further...

    Must say, our dear Taryn was taken aback! Being a member of Team Awful she, of course, knew all about Rocky's fluid sexuality. Maybe Rocky was just playing with us? Doubtful.

    So has Rocky chosen a side? Not exactly, but we'll be more than eager to see if Trailer chats about his or her ways during next year's Eclipse press—as we've been informed will most certainly be happening.

    Funny thing is, Summit's just about as shocked nothing came out (pun intended) as we are, regarding Rocky's bisexuality. Don't know if they're happy or disappointed. We're, uh, intrigued.

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