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    Eddie Cibrian: I'm Not Sleeping With Anyone but LeAnn Rimes

    Eddie Cibrian Flynet

    Eddie Cibrian is a one-woman guy, and he's got the lawyers to prove it.

    The soon-to-be divorced actor has followed through with his promise to sue Life & Style, filing a defamation suit against the magazine today for reporting that he's been two-timing girlfriend LeAnn Rimes.

    "Since the separation from his wife, Eddie Cibrian has not had a romantic or sexual relationship with any woman other than Ms. Rimes," the lawsuit states.

    Citing an online article from Nov. 4 ("Eddie's Cheating on LeAnn Already!") and a story in the Nov. 16 issue (a more detailed version of the same), Cibrian's camp accuses L&S of doing nothing to verify its story, which turned out to be "rife with demonstrably false accusations."

    And that article, in turn, led to "hundreds of articles" alleging rampant infidelity on Cibrian's part, the suit alleges.

    Sure, it was that article...

    Cibrian has denied beginning a relationship with Rimes, his costar in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights, while he was still living with his wife of nearly eight years, Brandi Glanville. In fact, the father of two boys initially denied that there was anything between them at all.

    But Glanville has matter-of-factly stated in court documents that her estranged hubby cheated on her with at least two women. And she hasn't spoken any more kindly of Rimes.

    "Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other," she told E! News in July.

    Cibrian is seeking at least $1 million in damages, plus an injunction against the republishing of any part of the cheating story, which stated that he had rekindled a romance with an ex-girlfriend since taking up with Rimes, and had stepped out with yet another woman as well.


    So much for happily ever after, like those wonderful couples you see on TV.