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CSI: NY Murder Mystery: Is Kim Kardashian the Killer?

Kim Kardashian Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Those Kardashians sure know how to drum up some mighty big ratings, so why wouldn't a prime-time series want in on the action?

E!'s reigning reality queen Kim Kardashian is working her acting chops in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY, and we were there to see all the action—including some additional guests like former MTV VJ (and Kim K. pal) Vanessa Minnillo and lead singer of Train Pat Monahan.

"Someone is murdered today, and somehow I'm involved," Kim tells us. "It's cool to get in this mindset and really be this heavily involved in such a crazy crime."

Hmmm, should we have prefaced that with a spoiler alert? Something tells us the CBS spinoff wouldn't have dished out the big bucks without giving the reality starlet a juicy role. See what the rest of the cast is saying, and decide for yourselves...

"I play Kim's boyfriend, a musician named Sam Baker, who tried it and failed miserably and ended up homeless," Pat tells us. But here's where the plot takes an interesting twist: "Kim helps me get a second chance, but she has an ulterior motive." Bum, bum! Oops, wrong show, but the Law & Order sound effect just popped in our heads for some reason.

But wait, there's more. "Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes and Eddie Cahill are figuring out this murder mystery and me, Kim and LaLa Vasquez, who I used to do TRL with, all have some sort of play in this murder," Vanessa teases. "Obviously I can't tell you why, but this is the day we confront each other and everything goes crazy and something happens at the end."

Vanessa may have kept her lips sealed (sorta?), but Melina gladly gave us the scoop, saying: "We are shooting a scene where a character who would have been the red herring finds out that he was gonna be the next victim of these vixens and their plan."

So, we're looking at a maybe-murder instead? Either way, Kim tells us that she loved the gig—except for one tiny problem. "Everyone here is so genuinely nice," Kim says. "But I was really surprised that CSI: NY films in L.A. I was so excited to go to New York for a little vacay."

And on that note, will you be setting your DVR to catch Kim K. and friends unleash their inner killers or will you pass? Let us know in the comments below.


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