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    Taylor Lautner Shows Off in Exclusive New Moon Clip

    To Twilight fans, a football pass has never carried more weight.

    Doing his part to satisfy The Jay Leno Show's "Earn Your Plug" gimmick, Taylor Lautner completed a long pass to NFL great Jerry Rice—and then Leno agreed to air an "exclusive clip" from New Moon, timed to coincide with the film's red carpet premiere.

    Finally, a preview in which Edward is nowhere to be seen! (And what it may lack in substance, it more than makes up for in abdominal fortitude.)

    Even Kristen Stewart's relentlessly somber Bella is taken aback by the six-pack Jacob is sporting as he springs, shirtless, into her room to apologize for an earlier misunderstanding and mysteriously inquire, "Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?"

    We think it has something to do with his being a werewolf.

    Though really, we think Lautner had earned his moment in the spotlight after Leno sprang this clip of him from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's 5-year-old variety special:

    Meanwhile, over on The Tonight Show, Stewart was telling Conan O'Brien about the time a security team carried her out of a bookstore in Italy to get her away from rabid Italian fans.

    It didn't really compete with Taylor's story about the fortysomething mom in Denver who wanted him to sign her Team Jacob panties, but still...sounds scary.

    "A passionate culture," she remarked, before showing Conan the Bella tattoo on her hand that she drew herself—"You should get your money back," he cracked—and musing on how the Bella doll is, unlike her, "very well-endowed."

    And speaking of Twilight merchandise, "I think it's weird we have underwear with Taylor's face on it," she admitted.

    Conan quickly responded, "Where is this available?"


    These appearances were taped way ahead of time, of course. All your favorite Twilight Saga stars spent tonight at the red-carpet New Moon Premiere!


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