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Cristina hates her. With a passion. And so far, it seems that some of you fans do too.

Ever since Kim Raver (whom Cristina named "Desert Storm Barbie") was introduced on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, our inbox has overflowed with messages from fans wanting to know what's next for their favorite couple, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd), now that Kim's character, Dr. Teddy Altman, is in the mix.

Well, we just talked to Kevin himself, and he admits that he, too, was concerned at first about the triangle, but he warmed up to it, and tells you fans why you might want to keep an open mind.

Oh, and if you want to know what's next for Glee (Christmas song!), Vampire Diaries (dish from Kevin Williamson himself) or Desperate Housewives (who won't die?), we have that too.

It's all in our latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop...

Alex in Rhode Island: Please don't tell me Kim Raver is sticking around long on Grey's Anatomy!

She's not going anywhere for the time being, my friend, and according to Kevin, that is a very good thing! (We believe him because he's the straight-up sort of guy who admits he had his doubts at first and because he also has a sexy Scottish accent that makes you want to believe him.)

"When we heard the pitch of this idea for the storyline this year," Kevin tells us, "I think Sandra and I were kind of initially like, 'This is bad.' I think we felt this is a good thing with these two and there could have been more storylines to tell. But you know, I met Kim and we started to work and what seemed to be coming clear very quickly is that we three actors have great respect for each other. And that adds a really interesting dynamic to the triangle as it is played out on the screen because all three of us actors have great respect for each other."

Mindy in Barcelona: What's going to happen with Owen, Cristina and Kim Raver on Grey's Anatomy?
We'll have more for you from Kevin before the next Grey's ep, but for now we can share with you what Kevin says: "It's not going to be some petty, juvenile, immature thing. It's going to be really interesting and very intense. It's going to get much hotter and complicated between the three of them because it is such an adult problem that they have...People are hopefully going to be very, very torn and very involved and kind of sucked into it. I think it's a very interesting story we're telling." Perhaps we should all keep an open mind? After all, Kim Raver has always rocked before...Thoughts?


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Sarah in Tacoma, Wash.: Gimme some Glee!
Amber Riley
tells us: "We have a Christmas song coming out this year—we just recorded it. It took a very long to time to record because we were joking around in the studio, but it's one of those older Christmas songs. We modernized it, but people are going to love it." Honestly, what could be better than a little Glee at Christmas!?

John in Las Vegas: Please tell me Megan Mullally will be back on Parks and Recreation!
We just chatted with Megan's real-life hubby Nick Offerman, Ron Swanson to you Parks and Recreation fans, and all signs are pointing to yes! "In my house there's lots of talk about Megan returning. Both of our mothers are really excited about that idea," Nick jokes. "I think we'll try to get her back on if we can."

Diane R.: Why in the world would they cancel Trauma? I love this show. I am an EMT, and this show is not that far off center. I would watch it every day if I could. Please tell me how we can save this show.
Just keep watching the show on TV (live if possible), convince a few fellow EMTs with Nielsen boxes to do the same, and email all your pals to vote in our fall Save One Show poll. To be perfectly honest, NBC probably won't be giving Trauma a last-minute, just-kidding, we'll-pick-you-up-after-all reprieve, but we're right there with you on wanting it to survive! FYI, here are the current standings in our SOS poll for new fall shows. (ABC shut down Hank and took it off the air shortly after the poll posted, but we'll keep it in the running anyway, just to keep things level and fair.)

Which endangered fall show do you most want to see survive?

29.2% Eastwick (ABC)

19.5% Three Rivers (CBS)

14.4% Trauma (NBC)

13.9% Melrose Place (CW)

12.3% Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)

7.3% The Forgotten (ABC)

2.0% Hank (ABC)

1.4% Brothers (Fox)

Krista in Lafayette Hill, Pa.: Is it true that the CW has decided to air the rest of the episodes of The Beautiful Life later this season? If for some miracle the ratings increased would they bring it back full time?
A representative for the CW tells us, "The status of unaired eps of The Beautiful Life is still to be determined." My rock-solid source who knows about such things tells me: No truth whatsoever. Sorry, Mischa!

Sherrie in Maryland: Did you see Mose standing in the background on The Office Halloween episode? Wish he was on the show more often!
We're right there with you, but according to Mike Schur (the man behind the overalls), "It sucks to play Mose." He's teasing, but does tell us, "I always have lines, and they always cut them! You don't want to learn anything more about Mose—the gag is seeing him. But I go to The Office for six hours, put on wool clothes and a neck beard, and I stand there with one line and they cut it!" That's it, we're starting a More Mose petition and sending it to the guy in charge, Paul Lieberstein (Toby). Who's with us?

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Pete in Cortland, N.Y.: Dana Delany isn't being killed off of Desperate Housewives is she?
Nope. Dana herself tells us, "It's not me. I'm safe in the hospital." Wait, is she in the hospital because of the Wisteria Lane plane crash, or is she hospitalized when the plane crashes...and why? Sorry, we can't give away everything

Mariah in Louisiana: I hate the new Mercy Westers. Please tell me they leave Grey's Anatomy soon.
We can confirm that Nora Zehetner is still on the show as we speak, and we're pretty sure the rest of the gang will be hanging around for a while as well. Sorry.

Drew in Walhalla, S.C.: I'm a freak for Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl! Tell me they aren't going to break up any time soon.
They aren't. It's actually Rufus and Lily's relationship that will be in a very bad place until the end of the season. From what I understand, it all stems from a letter that Serena's father is going to send her. And of course, it doesn't help that Bart Bass is back in the mix!

Danielle in Seattle: Are you liking V as much as I am? It's so much fun seeing Scott Wolf back on my TV every week!
Just wait until Lost returns, and we'll have Scott Wolf Tuesdays and Mathew Fox Wednesdays—it's going to be like Party of Five all over again! And we love V, especially Morena Baccarin as the otherworldly Anna. We just chatted with her and learned that a romance might be a brewin' between Anna and Chad, but it's a slow go of it. "We haven't established any boundaries, but it's kind of a cat and mouse game," Morena tells us.

Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Lia H. in Los Angeles: Stefan gives such good crying face! Are you watching Vampire Diaries? I'm such a sucker for this show.
Last week's ep sucked me in, too! I’m hearing that Elena and Damon are going on a road trip pretty soon...So maybe Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will leave his car window down and we can see his sexy tears? Meanwhile, for you who want to get on board, the CW just announced a Vampire Diaries marathon beginning Dec. 14.

Dani in Sacramento, Calif.: Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? It's my new addiction!
Brace yourselves for another flashback, because in episode 12, we're going to meet Damon and Stefan's father, Giuseppe! Who else is superexcited by this? Giuseppe is described as a handsome, no-nonsense businessman of Italian heritage who in his mid-40s, "with a stern demeanor that hides a fierce devotion to his family and growing fears for their future." Got any dream casting? For some reason all we can think of right now is Joey Tribbiani. Give us someone better!

Rebecca in Upland, Calif.: Anything else on Vampire Diaries?
Kevin Williamson
tells us that the new history teacher, Matt Davis, is in town because he has "a bit of a secret agenda." Our guess? He's so totally a vampire. And Matt and Caroline's relationship continues to grow. "We'll also get to learn more about the town. We will stay focused on our leads and our central epic love story," says Kevin. "But the show does expand."

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Dan Littlejohn/Showtime

Natalie in New Jersey: If it wasn't the Trinity Killer, who killed Lundy and shot Deb on Dexter?
Here's our cockamamie theory (and that's all it is!) on the Dexter shooter: Based on the past few episodes and last night's trailer for next week's ep, our money is on Trinity's (John Lithgow) son, Jonah (Brando Eaton). Think about it, Jonah is much shorter than his dad, and we've now seen how controlling and violently abusive Trinity is toward his family—maybe the son is on to his dad's extracurricular activities and/or has some reason to want to protect him from nosey retired FBI agents? Hey, other theories are more than welcome in the comments section (and thanks for entertaining our wacky ideas).

Jasmine in Montana: Community is clicking so nicely. I think it's the perfect middle ground between The Office and 30 Rock—a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, you know? Anyway, got any news on Joel McHale and friends?
Señor Chang and Jeff Winger become BFFs this week! Community star Ken Jeong says, "You see a deepening kind of friendship within our characters during that episode. We are similar in age and scope, and, yeah, there was a natural [progression]." We hear that the Chang-Winger bonding will take place in a cloud of brain-melting cigar smoke, so expect extra helpings of wackiness!

Rebecca in Miami: How about some One Tree Hill scoop?
Skills is moving to Los Angeles. (Tear. You will be missed in Tree Hill!) Also, a new man may come between Brooke and Julian.

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

NBC/ Bill Records

James from Middletown, Conn.: Is Friday Night Lights ever going to talk about the kids who went off to college or are they gone into the abyss?  
We were wondering that, too! This week, Riggins finally opens up about what happened to him and Lyla. Also, we discover in the most unlikely way someone is hiding in the closet...We can only imagine what this means for Coach Taylor. Oh yeah, and did we forget to mention someone dies? Yeah, it's a pretty intense episode. 

Kelly in Milwaukee, Wisc.: Where is Dell on Private Practice? I know Chris Lowell is only doing 13 episodes this season, but it seems like he hasn't been in an episode forever!
Private Practice is airing two episodes in a row on the evening of Dec. 3, and insiders tell me that Chris Lowell's Dell will have a big storyline in both of those installments. BTW, Kate Walsh spilled via Twitter that the next Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover is scheduled for Jan. 14.

Melanie in San Francisco: Californication is my favorite show. (What can I say? I love when Duchovny talks dirty using big words!) Any scoop?
Let's just say that Hank's disastrous parenting has a specific negative effect on Becca's educational future. Actually the entire rest of the season is about the near-total collapse of Hank Moody's personal life, but we'll get to those details week by week. 

Elizabeth Banks, Modern Family


Maggie in Oklahoma City, Okla: Thanks for the Modern Family scoop the other day—do you have any more?
This week, Manny reveals an inappropriate crush on his cousin, which leads Jay to use dog-obedience techniques on him. It is hilarious. Meanwhile, Ed Norton plays Claire's anniversary present to Phil, and Elizabeth Banks appears as Mitchell and Cameron's first baby. (Psst, don't hate us but we thought Banks was funnier than superbig movie star Norton.)

Pete in Miami: You were so right about Modern Family. I love it! Please tell me you have some scoop on what's coming up.
Ty Burrell
(the fabulous Phil) tells us all about Benjamin Bratt's gig as Manny's long-lost father, Javier. "Javier is playing irresponsible, and they all have their tête-à-tête about it, but you don't leave thinking anybody is a bad guy," says Ty. "We start to actually like Javier a little bit, and I think he'll probably be recurring." More Benjamin works for us. As for Phil, he'll be under the weather during the episode, passing a painful kidney stone.

Laura in Philadelphia: With only three episodes left of SOA, will things be resolved between Jax and Clay and will they kick some LOAN butt, or will we be left hanging?
Without spoiling anything too badly, we feel secure in promising you that butts will be kicked. It's Sons of Anarchy! Come for the gratifying bloody violence, stay for the heartwarming family saga!

Emily in Washington, D.C.: I can't wait for Big Love to return in January! Is there anything you can share?
Producers are now casting for an INS agent, which makes us paranoid there's something not right with somebody's immigration papers. Could the feds have found a reason to lean on Ana (Branka Katic) or her family?

Heather Locklear, Melrose Place-Please include Tune in info Tuesday, November 17 at 9pm

The CW

Marshall in Atlanta: Is Heather Locklear any good on Melrose?
I'm hearing yes. And a source tells me she's in every single remaining episode of the first season, except for one, so she just might breathe some new life into the series. It could happen, right? Heather starts tomorrow night. Oh, and more scoop: I'm told she's moving back into Melrose Place, but there is a reason behind it, and it has to do with Sydney. Guesses? Anyone else hoping Amanda will end up getting in a hair-pulling fight with that other redhead on the show?

Naomi in Williamstown, Mass.: Scoop me a little something on Melrose Place. I'm really into it!
David and Lauren are definitely off again, despite their little kiss last week. David's going to be dating someone else and even meeting his new girlfriend's family.

Diana in Vancouver: Loving Legend of the Seeker this season. Any scoop?
Later this season we're going to meet Kahlan's father and find out more about what her parents did to her and why. Bring Kleenex because we hear the ep is going to be a tearjerker.

Silina in Tucson, Ariz.: Any more news on Party Down? I think it was my favorite new show of last year.
Lee Majors
(yes, the Lee Majors) is going to crash Constance's (Jane Lynch) wedding! We don't want to spill what he does when he gets there, but if you've ever seen a TV wedding, you can probably guess!

Amy Poehler

Andy in Cincinnati: Anything else coming up on Parks and Recreation?
Do not miss Thursday's episode when the P-Rex gang goes hunting. One city employee shoots another city employee and hilarity ensues. Aziz Ansari also tells us there's some good stuff on the way involving Tom's potential love triangle with his wife and Ron: "There's an emotional episode coming up that deals with Tom, his green card marriage and his divorce." As for Ron's crush on the fake wifey, Mike Schur says: "A key moment involves Ron talking to Tom about his wife, Wendy, so yes, he's unwittingly in the middle of a much more complicated situation than he thought."

King in Jamaica Plain, Mass.: Brothers & Sisters is getting good again! What's the deal with Rebecca and the pregnancy?
Lots of drama and I can't say any of it is of the feel-good variety. In the next episode, Justin will fall of the wagon (just one sip, but still) and will be fuming mad when Rebecca finally fesses up to him and tells him she is pregnant. He'll tell the rest of the family and storm out. Not exactly the warm fuzzies you'd like to have leading up to your romantic Hawaiian nuptials.

Shel in Colorado: I love Victor and Sierra! Are we going to get to see any more of them as a couple before Dollhouse goes off the air?
There will most definitely be more Victor and Sierra sweetness on Dollhouse before the show goes off the air for good. An insider whispers, "We learn just how deeply in love Victor and Sierra are across several more episodes—especially when they are separated..." Ack! Don't love the news about a separation, but they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Who else is terribly torn by this news?!

Cougar Town, Courteney Cox


Jessica in Prescott, Ariz.: You guys skimp on Cougar Town scoop. Please tell me something about this hilarious show.
Well, since you ask so nicely, we have a Cougar Town shocker for you: Think things are leading up to a Grayson-Jules hookup? Think again. Josh Hopkins, the guitar-playing neighbor, tells us that "before our characters ever get together, there will be a detour through some other characters, maybe another regular on the show." We immediately thought of Busy Philipps' wacky Laurie, and Dan Byrd (Travis) all but confirmed our theory. "I've heard rumors of such," he teased. Travis is also getting a girl of his own this week. "Hopefully this will squash all those gay rumors," jokes Dan.

Matt in Ramona, Calif.: Anything juicy coming up on The Mentalist?
Depends on if you consider a "blood bath" juicy scoop? Amanda Righetti (Grace)and Owain Yeoman (Wayne) tell us that something huge is coming to The Mentalist and that someone won't survive! "There is a big blood bath imminent; we can't tell you who, but there will be the departure of somebody and a bit of a twist," says Owain. Leave your guesses in the comments.

Randall in Ohio: How about some good stuff on 90210? I've been getting into it lately.
DVR alert: I'm hearing that episode 12 is going to be awesome. It all goes down at the Winter Wonderland dance, and an intervention takes place for Annie to get her to realize that Jasper is a bad guy. Hmmm, will she believe them? Also, Teddy has feelings for Silver and asks her out, but she rejects him. Wah-wah. Though we hear something will happen between the two later on.


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—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters and Kirstin Benson

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