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    Jackson Doc No Deadbeat; Will Pay Baby-Mama

    Dr. Conrad Murray AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

    UPDATE: On May 27, 2010, a Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge rejected Conrad Murray's bid to get out of paying some $16,000 in back child support. The order would have stopped the state of Nevada's efforts to revoke his medical license on the grounds of his failure to pay the debt.

    A hearing on the matter has been set for June 25 in Las Vegas.


    Now we know why he took that ill-fated gig with Michael Jackson.

    Dr. Conrad Murray, the financially strapped cardiologist targeted by Los Angeles authorities in a manslaughter investigation stemming from the King of Pop's death, appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom today to make nice to his baby-mama.

    Flanked by his lawyer, Murray acknowledged that he had reached a deal to live up to his paternal obligations to Menita Malibiran. She waived her right to $13,000 in back support in return for the doctor's guarantee that he will send monthly checks for $1,000 to care for their 10-year-old son. He was also ordered to pay up $700 in court fees.

    Here's guessing he won't be getting any back pay from the Jackson family—especially if Janet has a say

    The family court judge says Murray must show proof he's making good on the checks at the next hearing in three months. If not, the doc could wind up in the slammer.

    And the judge means business. The court had put out a warrant for Murray after he skipped an October hearing.

    Of course, Murray, who claims he's owed $300,000 from Jackson promoter AEG, has other things to worry about. He's still waiting to see if L.A. prosecutors will file charges stemming from the entertainer's drug-related death.


    Murray may not have been paying attention, but millions of M.J. fans sure are. Get the latest on the doctor's case here.