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Is Ugly Betty Ending? And Who Gets the Girl?

Ugly Betty, America Ferrera, Chris Gorham Karen Neal / ABC

Chris Gorham just twittered an hour ago that he's back on the set of Ugly Betty and that "Ana Ortiz's baby is beautiful."

This makes us worry.

Not because of the baby comment (we've seen Ana's Paloma; she's a living angel!), but because of what sources have been spilling about Betty's fate: That the end may be near and Betty's ghosts of suitors past are circling.

Although Gorham himself has clarified via Twitter, "I'm not back on Ugly Betty. Just dropped by to visit my friends," according to sources, he may be very soon...

Inside sources tell me that ABC has been working on ways to try to save Ugly Betty (including the possibility of moving it to Wednesdays, as previously reported); however, if ratings don't improve by mid spring, it's possible that Betty will be canceled in May.

To that end, one well-placed Betty mole tells me: "The writers have accepted that this season may be the last and are brainstorming endings now, just in case. The big question is: Who will Betty end up with? The writers room is deeply divided."

I'm told it's down to three contenders, and they are...

Gio (Freddy Rodriguez), Daniel (Eric Mabius) or yep, you guessed it, Henry (Chris Gorham).

So pop quiz! Who is Betty's true soul mate? I know you fans have an opinion, so please sound off below. (The writers may be listening.)

Meanwhile, it is so not time to give up on Ugly Betty yet! If you saw the latest episode (in which Justin was crowned Homecoming queen as a cruel joke but flipped it all around to give his mother the honor), you know that Betty is getting back to the heart-tugging creativity we all used to love.

According to insiders, that's just the beginning, and there's a creative resurgence in the works that includes a "Run Betty Run" episode (in the vein of Run Lola Run), a splashy trip to the Bahamas with guest stars Christie Brinkley and Shakira and a big, fabulous Fashion Week episode focusing on Amanda (Becki Newton) and Betty (America Ferrera), not to mention a heating up of their current love triangle with Matt.

Are you loving Betty this season? If so, tell a friend and comment below. And if you haven't watched for a while, check out the next new episode Nov. 27 on ABC. (This week's episode has been preempted by a Shrek movie. Need I say more about Betty needing your support?)


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