With videos like these, it's almost as if Rihanna and Chris Brown were hoping for mass-media scrutiny to follow.

As promised, the two megastars debuted their new music videos Friday, her first since the highly publicized incident last February, and spoiler alert: they're both left wide open for interpretation.

Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" portrays some seemingly real emotion as the songstress bounces back and forth between writhing around a padded cell and facing off with a rather muscular man presenting her with a loaded gun.

Representative of her relationship battles with Brown? Likely Perhaps, but far more unstated than her former counterpart's attempt.

You can't deny Brown's ability to bust a move in his videos, but "Crawl" just feels like another one of Camp Chris' ploys for public pity. The song is good, but casting R&B singer Cassie—often touted as Rihanna 2.0 because of her strong fashion statements and outlandish hairstyles—to play Brown's faux famous-ex? Not very cool.

Now you decide: Who gives fans the best comeback video: Rihanna or Chris Brown?

"Russian Roulette" or "Crawl"?
Whose new music video got it right?


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