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Just because the Glee cast was ousted from the NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade lineup doesn't mean our favorite high school singing club is holding a grudge.

Glee's main man on campus, Cory Monteith, fully intends on watching the Turkey Day parade. "No sour grapes," Monteith told us at Maxim and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 party. "I'm looking forward to the Jay Leno float. That will be really fun to watch."

Monteith, who plays loveable quarterback Finn Hudson on the hit Fox show, says ideas for the much-buzzed-about Madonna episode are flying…

"We're doing all Madonna, all the time" Monteith said with a laugh. "I bet Chris Colfer will do 'Vogue.' I hope he does 'Vogue.' "

As for Monteith's pick, "Something ironic like 'Material Girl' or something. That would be fun."

Monteith admitted, however, that Billy Joel beats out Madge as his No. 1 pick for potential music legend guest stars. "I love his work," said Monteith of the Piano Man, who has also given the show full access to his catalog.

Spoiler alert time! The breakout star also dished that Finn will find out he's not the father of his cheerleader girlfriend's baby before the season's over. Mr. Schuester will also find out his wife is faking her pregnancy.

"It's going to cap off the season," said Monteith. "You will definitely see a lot of juicy stuff."

We can't wait.

—Reporting by Brett Malec


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