Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera was looking more made-up than evah on Sunday, out to lunch with her lovely fam and a couple friends at Houston's restaurant in Santa Monica. While most people prefer to keep Sunday casual, we're told Xtina still piled on the makeup.

The group was having their lunch in a secluded booth upstairs, and Aguilera's son, Max, being the energetic bugger that he is, jumped around on everyone at the table. Once done with lunch, they sneaked out through the back entrance.

The only other people who might have seen her were a grandma-grandpa couple sitting upstairs at the opposite end of the room, so C.A. probably got the privacy she wanted.

Another gal not exactly flying under the radar was...

Lindsay Lohan, partying with friends at Crown Bar over the weekend. "She actually didn't look as terrible as I thought she would," sasses our posh Hollywood eyes. Don't take that as a sign Linds is on the upswing, though.

"Lindsay was pouring shots for her friend, and took one herself," says a fellow partyer. Too bad booze is probably the least dangerous thing Linds has going on nowadays.

A guy L.L. has supposedly tried to flirt with in the past was also in attendance a few booths over...

Kellan Lutz was unwinding after a superlong day of press for New Moon. We're told the incredibly hunky dude let off some steam as he hung at the bar and then perused the crowd solo. An eyewitness tells us the Twilight actor "mostly kept to himself." Being good for AnnaLynne, perhaps?

Another hottie making a rare appearance at Crown Bar was...

January Jones. The ridiculously gorgeous Mad Men star doesn't frequent the Hollywood scene (which is a good thing), but we're told the blonde was having herself quite the time.

"She was dressed casually in jeans and a sleeveless top and had her hair pulled back," a clubgoer tells E! News. "She was drinking beer throughout the night, but seemed like she had been drinking a lot of it. After quietly talking with a male friend, January was eventually dancing in her booth with a blond girlfriend."

After such a successful season, we think the babe deserves to unwind. At least she does it in a classy way.

Other celebs also at Crown Bar Friday night: Jamie Foxx, Ashlee Simpson-wentz, Anna Faris, Shane West, Taryn Manning and Joe Francis...just to name a few.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder, Susan Michals and Ashely Nunes


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