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    Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn?

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    Robert Pattinson, Chris Weitz
    Robert Pattinson, Chris Weitz Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

    Although Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg played coy when Marc Malkin asked whether she would write the screenplay for Breaking Dawn last month, we were able to confirm from our studio sources that she will, in fact, be back to write the fourth script—and possibly the fifth.

    It's still up in the air whether B.D. will be two movies—hence why everyone dodged any questions about the fourth flick during the New Moon junket.

    During the press conference a reporter asked Kristen Stewart about the possibility of two movies, but the mic was immediately pulled away as the intermediary guy said "next question."

    So what's the latest on the fourth Twilight flick? And will New Moon's Chris Weitz direct?

    Here's what we could squeeze out of the cast:

    "I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year. I think. They may well change that," Robert Pattinson told a sea of reporters on Friday.

    Rosenberg and Weitz did a panel together, and we grabbed both of them on their way out.

    Have you started writing the script for Breaking Dawn, or is it still in development?
    Rosenberg: "You know what, I still can't comment on that yet!"

    OK. We all know the fourth one is going to happen eventually—if you say no comment again, can we take that as a sign it's very much in the works?
    Rosenberg: [laughs.] "OK, no comment!"

    As for who will direct the fourth flick? Ashley Greene thinks it'll be a new director, but we're not totally sure. Summit wanted Chris Weitz to direct Eclipse, but because of scheduling conflicts, he wasn't able to. And the entire cast loves C.W., too.

    Seriously, we haven't heard one bad thing about you from the cast, crew or studio. If asked, would you come back on and direct Breaking Dawn?
    Weitz: "Well, I'd be stupid not to. I loved [directing New Moon]. Summit, the cast, the crew, everyone was amazing. But making a movie takes up a lot of time, and I have a young son at home. Right now my plan is to spend a lot time with my family."

    Looks like C.W. is taking a play out of the Robsten book! We don't think that's a firm no—do you all? Plus, since R.Pattz said we've got a good year to go, maybe Chris will be ready to get back on the Twilight fan-wagon.

    What say you Twi-hards...want him back, or not?

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    Maybe we should see what you all think of New Moon before we give Chris the green light for B.D.?



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