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    Rob and Kristen Keep the Mystery Going

    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

    After three extremely busy days of promoting New Moon here in Los Angeles, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner now kick off their European photo calls, starting in Paris.

    Oh, the romantic possibilities!

    Before heading to Europe, though, Robsten did a very good job of evading photogs and possibly stealing a night for themselves. It's just more of the covert cuddling game they love to play so much—or is it?

    Rob was driven out of the Four Seasons Hotel late Saturday night, where, coincidentally, Kristen (who was staying at L'Ermitage Hotel down the street) was spotted leaving at almost the exact same time.

    There's speculation that the two went to K.Stew's parents' house, but luckily for Robsten, they were able to successfully lose the paps trying to tail their vehicles.

    So how are Kristen and Rob balancing their celebrity and private life? We were able to ask Robsten this separately over the weekend, at the Four Seasons.

    Check it out:

    Having such an avid fan base, where and how do you draw the line between what the public wants to know about your private life and actually keeping it private?

    "I don't think that anyone can get a handle [on that]," Kristen told us. "It's like as soon as I stopped trying to control everything that came out of my mouth and every picture that came out, that's when I became so much happier and it was so much easier to deal.

    "I've just grown into not having to care so much and to not try to think that I'm going to be able to plan out the way that everyone perceives me... I'm going to own what I'm going to own. I'm always going to keep what's important to me in mind and I completely understand, considering that we're playing characters that are so coveted by so many people. I just sort of have to not think about it."

    Heart this girl. You can tell she really does think a lot about what to say, but doesn't say things just because she thinks she should. Kristen speaks with as much serious intensity as she plays her roles.

    Now, on to Rob:

    How do you maintain the balance of letting your fans and the public know who you are—outside of just being Edward—but also keeping your private life private?

    "I think you just do it through doing jobs," Rob says. "It's such a risky thing, doing interviews. I try to limit the amount of interviews I do. No one is that interesting, especially when you're not really saying anything. And I don't particularly want to be some kind of character in society.

    "So, I guess the only thing you can do is do jobs and see if people respond to that. But I'm always holding on to the fact that I don't really know who I am, so hopefully I won't compartmentalize myself because of that. I'm just completely ignorant of the whole thing. I've never really struggled with anything, up until recently. I've got to stop being so self-deprecating 'cause people are starting to believe it. They'll be like, 'That guy is an idiot,' so I've tried to stop doing that."

    You hear that, everybody? The "we're going to do as we please" game is majorly on.

    Robsten's denying nothing. They're just owning their right to keep it real. And private. And we love 'em!


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