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The Hollywood Burglary Bunch apparently has no problems eating its own.

As we previously reported, investigators believe the ringmaster was one Rachel Lee, and now court documents obtained Friday by E! News offer yet more details into the case against her.

Lee was seemingly sold out by her alleged partner-in-crime, Nicholas Prugo, who is quoted in an affidavit saying she orchestrated hits on such stars as Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge and Brian Austin Green.

Prugo told detectives that Lee chose their celebrity targets, while he would gather information and pictures on the Internet. He also told investigators she was primarily after the designer wardrobes of celebs she "admired."

Prugo also gave investigators detailed descriptions of their methods and loot. For example, he said that he and Lee bagged between $200,000 and $300,00 of Chanel loot from Rachel Bilson's home and entered Paris Hilton's home three times, taking cash, narcotics and personal effects.

Prugo said he was nervous about committing the last burglary, at Lindsay Lohan's home, because they had already been captured on surveillance footage.

"You're already here," Lee allegedly told Prugo. "You might as well come inside and get something for yourself."

Meanwhile, newly released search warrants center on an Oct. 22 raid on Lee's Las Vegas home stemming from the Lohan episode. Detectives were looking to recover specific items and did find a black fur coat believed to belong to the Freaky Friday star.

The documents also reveal that authorities attempted to arrest Lee, along with Prugo, in September but found out when they arrived at her mother's Calabasas, Calif., home that she had moved in with her father in Las Vegas.

Prugo also claimed that Lee's father was aware of the burglaries and even suggested they bury some of the stolen goods in the Nevada desert.

Lee, 19, was arrested and released on $3,000 bail the same day the search took place. Documents show that a Korean passport, computers, pictures of Paris Hilton, a "narco kit containing marijuana" and $20,401 in cash were also recovered.


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