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    Jon (Johnathon?) Gosselin Still Can't Spell, Reacts to Kate

    Jon Gosselin, Twitter, Jon Gosselin Twitter; Glibert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

    Last night was Kate Gosselin's turn to speak and pause for dramatic effect get choked up. And because there's no way she could have the last word for more than a few hours, now it's Jon Gosselin's turn.

    This time the word is "lieing." It reminds us of the time he misspelled his own name on a huge sign threatening some sort of "penelty" to trespassers at his home.

    Of course, he takes a break from his current apology tour and starts today with a Twitter update that appears innocent enough. However, thanks to an extended tweet program, looks can be deceiving.

    "Got up early this morning took Mady and Cara to the bus, Came home to then hug my other 6 little morsels," he begins. That's almost all you can see in the basic version but, if you dare click that ellipses-like link, you've got some of Papa G's patented spell-check-defying bitterness in store. He takes on ex-GF Hailey Glassman and then lays into Kate.

    Prepare for the sweet to get increasingly salty.

    "I stand behind Hailey because she is the only person who has spoken the brutal truth about (yes this whole mess of a trainwreck) as it is described. She has gotten the brunt of EVERYONE's anger and disappointment," he says. "Kate even slipped last night and admitted we split up a year ago! Though she claims she 'didn't remember' who called it quits.. Hey at least she said 'didn't remember' instead of lieing."

    For her part, "semi-single" Hailey is ready for us to send her on her way (or, at least, that's what we gather from her tweeted link to the Rusted Root song).

    After a few tweets this morning about the World Series, she's preparing to possibly pull a Miley and peace out from the Twitterverse.

    "I may be getting rid of twitter," she writes. "But before I do I want to thank all the people who have been kind and supportive towards me, Thank you."

    She leaves us with a link to Leona Lewis' "Happy."

    Oh, Hailes, say it ain't so!

    Hailey Glassman, Twitter


    Hailey must not realize how much fun Twitter is. She should look at the Tweet Peeks gallery to get an idea.



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