Elizabeth Mitchell, Alan Tudyk, V


The aliens have landed!

The Visitors hit ABC tonight, and while they are most certainly gorgeous, they are up to no good. Based on the 1980s TV event of the same name, V is about what happens when reptilian aliens land on Earth and start brainwashing our impressionable youngsters with their utopian promises. Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris ChestnutJoel Gretsch, Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk and Laura Vandervoort, the series will air four episodes this November, and then return in January as a continuing series.

Will you be back this winter to buy more of what the Visitors are selling, or do you remain unimpressed?

Save It or Sink It, Nov. 3
V: The Series?

What did you love and what did you loathe about this new series? Tell us in the comments!


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