Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna Nicole Smith

Danny Moloshok/Reuters; Scott Suchman/Getty Images

Poo is not taboo, but nudie pics are out of the question.

In the hearing to determine if the Anna Nicole Smith's pals Howard K. Stern, Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor should stand trial for their combined 23 drug-related felony charges, gross has been the name of the game thus far.

Testimony has covered the gamut of indecency—from feces floating in a pool to infected abscesses in nether regions—but naked photos of the star in a bathtub with her psychiatrist Eroshevich have been ruled as crossing the line.

Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry denied the request from prosecutors that the images be presented as evidence to show that the pair's relationship went far beyond the bounds of a doctor-patient one.

"I don't want to sensationalize this hearing any more than it has already been sensationalized," his honor said Monday.

The judge warned against such lurid testimony and evidence early in the hearing.

Instead, the prosecution had to continue along the pill-popping route.

They brought an expert in psychiatry, Dr. Timothy Botello, to the stand yesterday to talk about whether or not the shrink should have known of Smith's prescription drug addiction, based on medical records. He determined that, indeed, Eroshevich should have known and been careful when prescribing medication to an addict.

Today's testimony will focus on Smith's personal physician Kapoor.

The hearing, which began on Oct. 13, is expected to wrap sometime this week.


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