Matthew Fox, Lost, Michael C Hall, Dexter, Jared Padelecki, Supernatural, Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

ABC/Mario Perez; Dan Littlejohn/Showtime; Sergei Bachlakov/The CW; Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Hooray for zombies!

In honor of Halloween, we're dropping this spoilertastic bomb on all you TV lovers:

  • A father who is supposed to be dead is coming back.
  • And it looks like he might be aliiive, baby!

Spies on of one of the shows we love best—Gossip Girl, Lost, Dexter or Supernatural—tell us that the father of one of the hot TV men pictured above will be making his grand return in the next few months. And it probably goes without saying, but it's gonna be shocking.

So who is it?

I'm going to give you the answer—yes, the answer, as in the name!—in today's Spoiler Chat, which will post later this afternoon.

In the meantime, a few clues to get you guessing:

  • This father is good-looking.
  • This father had good reason to disappear.
  • His return will make not one but two beautiful blondes all atwitter.
In the meantime, place your guesses below! Then check back later today for the answer of which daddy it is in the Spoiler Chat.
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