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    Paris Takes Man-Pet Out for a Meal

    Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt Will Binns,

    It might look like Paris Hilton is proudly displaying her dubious boy-toy Doug Reinhardt for all to gawk at last night, till ya realize where the duo was dining—Gulfstream restaurant in the Century City shopping mall. Who'd ever expect these two snobby VIP babes there of all places?

    Looks like our source was right on the money when he yakked to us that P.H. is "not really ready to reintroduce herself as dating Doug again." But is it because the heiress has finally learned her lesson when it comes to dating dudes?

    First Doug was noticeably absent as Paris' date to the Really Awards, while the rest of P's family came down for the festivities. Now instead of flaunting her man out at her usual fave H'wood hot spots where plenty of paparazzi await, Pare-poo is hiding her BF at random eateries in less-swanky locales, or at private parties at her house.

    Is this the new and improved Paris?

    We all know parading your relaysh for the press is the best way to kill it. Ben Affleck and former flame Jennifer Lopez learned that the hard way, along with almost every couple with a reality-TV show. On the flip side, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still haven't uttered a word about dating one another, and Robsten's still going strong! Maybe Pare truly wants Dougie for keeps?

    One thing's for certain though—she's not getting any more popular by keeping a low profile.

    Hell, even her haters can't be bothered to care about her anymore! The worst thing for a celeb isn't infamy, it's silence.

    P.H. can't stay afloat in this biz while hiding indoors with a d-bag turd (trust us on this one, Mr. R.'s ways with the chicks are as offensive as it gets). And what's more important to Paris, schmucky-acting men who continuously come and go, or maintaining her career?

    We think we're pretty sure where Pare's priorities lie.

    Paris is keepin' a low profile this time, but she was a B.V.! Check her out in our Blind Vice Superstars gallery...


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