Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer

The world simply cannot go on if Jennifer Aniston is single.

Since she's not really dating her Bounty costar Gerard Butler anymore—was she ever?—it's time to assume the 40-year-old is ready to go backwards and rekindle her romance with John Mayer.

If the new cover of OK! magazine is to be believed, she's confirmed "He's Mine!" and they're totally back to being "full-time lovers." And she got the 32-year-old "Who Says" singer back by doing exactly what any dating guru (or six-year-old) would advise: by playing hard to get.

The mag even claims the two are plotting a baby, because what would a Jen Aniston story be without the pitter-patter of tiny feet?

Revelations of the reunion of the crooner and the cougar aren't new. People and Us have quoted sources calling them "great friends," but reported recent hotel stays in the same breath.

Jen & John Jokes Aside
Since you totally care, do you think they're back on for real, and how does that make you feel?


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