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    Twilight Cast Hunted by "Vultures" and "Rogues"

    Kristen Stewart

    While Eclipse filming is nearing its end, not all Twilight castmembers are breathing easy.

    We recently chatted with a very high up Summit source who emphasized to us the living hell these kids have been going through up in Vancouver.

    It's been more than rumored that Breaking Dawn will be filmed somewhere other than British Columbia next year, and the reason has less to do with tax issues and more to do with the sanity of our favorite cast.

    "It's not just the media invading [the Twilight cast's] privacy—it's the whole world," dishes a key Summit player.

    How so?

    It's obvious that we all are seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart way less, and we've told you just how miserable their privacy is up in Canada. But even we have recently learned just how bad it's gotten.

    "Civilians are flying in all over the world to hunt down whoever they can find," fesses the concerned power suit. "It's bad. Literally [Rob and Kristen] have no choice but to stay inside."

    Apparently the tourist companies up in Canada are also getting out of control. While we're told there are some that are very respectful and keep their distance, more than a few companies and fans (one woman in particular) cross the line.

    "Everyone calls them the Vultures," our insider tells us. "The cast hates, hates, hates them. The Vultures actually stalk [the cast]—hunt down every set location and hide out in order to record them everywhere they go off set. It's become unmanageable."

    These "rogue tourists"—as Robsten, Summit and the whole Twi group calls them—have had some major impact on how the cast goes about their daily lives (more specifics on that tomorrow).

    "These kids are just trying to film a damn movie—wish the world could let them."

    Guess counting their millions can only go so far.


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