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    Renée Zellweger: Bridget Jones III Is Just a Rumor

    Renee Zellweger Darren McCollester/Getty Images

    Renée Zellweger will not be plumping up again any time soon, people.

    Despite recent reports claim that the Oscar winner has agreed to do a third Bridget Jones movie, Ms. Zellweger tells me it's not true: She hasn't signed on for another go-round.

    "I get asked every single day, and I don't know anything," she told me at Elle magazine's Women in Hollywood event. "It's a rumor."

    As for the reported fat suit she'll be wearing (instead of actual poundage), she quipped, "Oh, goody! When are we having the fitting?"

    Hey, if another movie doesn't work out, there's also a stage musical that's reportedly being developed around her unlucky-in-love Brit girl alter ego.

    Would Zellweger consider it? Read on to find out...

    "I haven't been asked, [but] I think that would be weird," she said. "Do you think that would be weird?"

    Not really. She's already impressed us with her song and dance capabilities in Chicago.

    "Yeah, but are you going to put my schedule together?" Zellweger laughed. "When am I going to see my parents? When am I going to go on a date? When am I going to have Christmas?"

    And then there's the all-consuming renovation of her apartment. Zellweger said she's in the middle of renovating her pad. "I haven't had the nervous breakdown yet, and I haven't been committed," she said. "That's no small miracle."

    She's even getting inspiration from HGTV-like home design shows. "At the gym, I'll turn it on, where they fix the house," Zellweger said. "I do! I go to the treadmill, and you can choose between, like, the Yankees and the Angels game or you can watch some guy in Australia buying a new apartment, and you want to see what he's going to buy."


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