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Joss Whedon + Glee = 2 Good 2 Be True?

Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Cory Monteith, Jenna Ushkowitz, Glee, Joss Whedon Carin Baer/FOX; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Stop it, Fox. Stop making us so damn happy!

Not only is Glee quickly becoming our favorite series on television this season—there, we said it!—but Fox just confirmed to us that the addictive new show has just tapped Joss Whedon to direct an upcoming episode. 

Yes, that Joss Whedon. You know, the guy who created Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible and now Dollhouse (which returns Friday).

He also has directed The Office twice, so it seems his taste in television does not suck.

So how did these two great flavors come together? And more importantly, who is Joss going to kill once he gets onto the set of Glee? Here's what he just spilled...

Joss posted on confirming his Glee directorial debut and told us he won't be using his TV auteur powers this time out, saying, "What can we expect from a 'Joss Whedon' epsiode of Glee? An episode of Glee. God willin' and the crik don't rise, a good one. A television director's job is, on some level, to be anonymous; to find the most compelling way to present a story without calling attention to himself. I had a wonderful time doing just that on The Office, and hope to again. A guest director can bring a huge amount to the party (we've had crazy talent on Dollhouse), but the party isn't his. I just want to work with good people on a show that I like enough to have watched every episode several times." That said, he did acknowledge his known proclivity for murdering your favorite characters: "Whom will I kill? Probably Principal Figgins. (No! I kid! God.)"


And as much as Joss is apparently a huge fan of Glee, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is a big fan of Joss, too.

"Joss directed one of the great musical episodes in the history of television on Buffy," he told my frenemy, who first broke the news. "So this is a great, if unexpected, fit. I'm thrilled he'll be loaning us his fantastic, groundbreaking talent."

Meanwhile, we hear that it won't be a problem for Joss to fit a directorial stint on Glee into his Dollhouse schedule. Insiders tell us, "Glee doesn’t go back into production until January, at which point Dollhouse would have completed its 13-episode season order." Joss himself wrote, "This doesn't mean Dollhouse definitely won't get a back nine. Our numbers mean that! But I kid. OK, we're not exactly saving all the good stuff for [episodes] 14-22, but nobody's closed the door. If Dollhouse suddenly busts wide, huzzah, we'll still bring it, and I'll still go and direct an episode of Glee...These realities can co-exist. And possibly cross over, at least in fiction that I have wri—read. About." Aww, Jossers, we love you.

Given how loyal Joss stays to his Whedonverse posse, we can only hope one of his peeps might appear on Glee.  Are you rooting for SMG? Alyson Hannigan? David B.? Nathan Fillion? Or, oh snap, here's an idea: How about Neil Patrick Harris? Comment below, and let us know if you agree that Glee is un-freaking-believable so far this season...


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