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    Megan & Brian Lunch—but What Does It Mean?

    Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green O'Neill/White/

    That loveable, crafty Megan Fox is at it again! You know, making us wonder what the hell is really going on inside that pretty head of hers.

    Hungry M.F. and her on/off man-friend Brian Austin Green seem to be inseparable as of late—particularly at their regular Italian food hang, Zach's Café in Studio City. They hover over yummy grub there regularly, huddled, "low-key, intimate," always. In fact, just on Monday, the longtime lovahs were pathetically attempting to blend in with the normal folk until the eatery became "paparazzi crazy."

    So how exactly did Meg eat up the attention?

    By doing nothing! Is this the new Megan? Or is she still insisting we buy into all this "she's so shy" nonsense? Best of all, think maybe foxy Fox is finally realizing it's just better for everybody if she shuts her wacky trap?

    Sources at the restaurant tell us Meggy retreated to her Fox-hole because she's just so "shy," and that's where the sometimes-battling duo can be "low-key" together. What's the matter with hanging in front of the tube in stinky sweats, if that's what they're really after? Really, I'm losing my fatass appetite, already, listening to this stuff.

    We're getting this crap again? Remember, a tight pal to Megan claims the brunette vixen is "incredibly" reserved in person and just plays up the sexualized vamp image for the media.

    As hard of a time as we're having going along with that, we're still trying to wrap our heads around what is exactly going on with M.F. and BAG. Do you all hang superclose with an ex-fiancé whose house you've moved out of? It's like, pick a side Megan! There are plenty of girls in L.A. County who would feel a lot better knowing you're off the market, ya know?

    Our deep-dish Megan insider claims their relationship is anything but weird, though.

    "They didn't break up because they stopped loving each other," a friend of the couple explains. "Sometimes there are just circumstances where you can't be with the one you care about right now."

    Circumstances like one person has a red-hot career on the upswing, with a big chunk of her fanbase being guys? It's way less fun to fantasize about a married chick. That's just a guess.

    Either way, expect Brian and Megan's relaysh to keep going like this: together when they can be, but not forcing it when they're apart working. Honestly, we don't think it's the worse love situation to be in. And hey, at least she's not still mooning/trashing/dismissing R.Pattz anymore, so there's some good news here.


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