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This Just In: Eliza Dushku Confirms She's Taken a Lovah

Eliza Dushku, Rick Fox Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Dollhouse: It's official: Rick Fox has scored himself some Faith. (Say it with us now: Lucky bastard!)

Eliza Dushku (formerly Buffy's Faith, now your favorite doll on Fox's Friday night) told TV Guide magazine that she is indeed dating Vanessa Williams' ex-husband, former L.A. Laker (and recent Ugly Betty guest star) Rick Fox. "We're trying to balance really getting to know each other with all our demands workwise," Eliza told the mag.

Our source on the Dollhouse set tells us: "[Rick] has been very nice. There's definitely an age difference and they aren't the first two people I would put together. But he's been to set and he seems to get along great with everyone."

Six Feet Under: Jeremy Sisto proved he's totally done obsessing over Claire (Lauren Ambrose) by tying the knot Tuesday at City Hall.

Big Love: HBO released a date for the new season: Jan. 10. Round up your wives and celebrate!

Dancing With the Stars: ABC and BBC Worldwide Productions are looking into developing a new series in which "stars" compete in ice skating. Just to make the injuries more interesting! Our first pick: Vanilla Ice.  Just 'cause that hair would be so aerodynamic.

Your picks: Go in the comments below. And hey, let us know what you think about Eliza and Rick dating while you're at it.


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