Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri, Tracy Morgan

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Apparently, you don't have to be on Tom Cruise's level to trash the careers of your former costars. Just ask Tracy Morgan, who apparently mistook his recent book deal as an invitation to smear his Saturday Night Live cohorts, save, of course, for Tina Fey (even he's not that crazy).

But Morgan went one step further while recording the audiobook version of his forthcoming memoir,  I Am the New Black, putting the brutal in brutal honesty by riffing on his relationship with some of his least favorite costars. Doesn't he know that's what Twitter's for?

"I can remember being on Saturday Night Live and feeling like I was on the bottom of the totem pole," he says in the clip obtained by Gawker. "I could remember when people like Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan would probably look down upon me. I could remember those two, especially those two, people treating me like I was the invisible guy. Now look where they at. Cheri Oteri, she can't even get arrested. Where's Chris Kattan now?"

Other than costarring alongside Morgan in cable-ready homages to '80s films, that is. Not that Morgan's professional belittling stopped there.

"They're never gonna host Saturday Night Live. And that's not even mean, but that's what happened to me over there. They never treated me well. There were people that treated me beautifully, like Will Ferrell and Colin Quinn and Molly Shannon. I love them. But Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan, I never cared for them either. F--k 'em."

Sounds like someone needs to simmer down now.

Of course, it doesn't appear as though he treated those castmembers he did have a soft spot for any better. That is, unless Fey and Rachel Dratch's idea of a fun Saturday night included patronizing an illegal, makeshift strip club. Though them immediately bolting from the venue sort of suggests otherwise.


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