Miley Cyrus rapped about leaving Twitter, so why shouldn't Billy Ray Cyrus rap about stickin' around? Anything Miles can do, dad can do better, right?

That we actually can't answer, but Jimmy Fallon dressed as Billy Ray would win the rhyme-spittin' battle any day.

The Late Night host donned a wig and a pair of dungarees in an attempt to get Miley's former followers to support dear ol' dad.

"Hey there, America, let's make this clear / Miley might be gone, but I'm still here," he begins. "As long as my heart's still beatin' / I'm gonna be tweetin' / 'cause I got a full house like my name was Jodie Sweetin...Achy-Breaky Tweets!"

It's enough to make you click that "Follow" button...for Jimmy, at least.


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