Who isn't backstage to fulfill David Letterman's every whim?

Wasn't the Late Show host pleased to find out tonight that the little red button on his desk automatically beckons Tom Hanks when pressed—and that the two-time Oscar winner will drop everything to be at his side?!

Well, Hanks was willing to drop everything (over the course of 5,000 shows, apparently!), but as he warned Letterman, "You abuse it, you lose it."

"I was at a really important fundraiser in Cleveland. Please don't press it again unless it's in a real emergency," Hanks breathlessly implored Letterman the first time after learning that the funnyman didn't urgently need a fun story or clip from the actor, but was simply just messing around with the "Tom button."

But even though the first time was a false alarm, Hanks hightailed it back to the stage when Letterman cried wolf once again.

"What d'you need, Cookie?" the Angels & Demons star asked hopefully. Finding out once again that his particular brand of services was not needed, he deadpanned: "I was at a show at the Great Lakes Theater Festival, not even intermission. Thanks, Dave."

So when Letterman accidentally tapped the Tom button a third time…

Let's just say that pencils were spilled and a button was ripped off a desk and hurled into an audience.


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