Jon Gosselin

UPDATE: Flanked by their respective lawyers, the gruesome twosome both arrived, with their respective attorneys and at least one bodyguard (Kate's) in tow, at the Montgomery County Court around 8:30 a.m. ET.

Jon and Kate Gosselin spent about an hour inside chambers before leaving—albeit separately, through different exits and via different elevators. The duo first met with an arbitrator but were unable to strike a deal about how to divvy up their money. They then went before a judge, who told the octo-'rents to try again with the arbitrator. (This really is a case of passing the buck.) The Gosselins are due back at the court on Oct. 26.

At which point there may be a bit more money to divvy up, if Michael Lohan is to be believed...

Lindsay's dad told E! News that the point of his weekend visit to the Gosselin's Pennsylvania compound was to recruit Jon to join the Celebrity Boxing Federation.

"We're talking with Jon about possibly boxing, being a ring announcer or being involved in some way," Lohan said. "He's got that backhround with martial arts. He could do it. He's considering it. We'll see."

According to Lohan, it's only one money-making venture Jon is currently considering.

"He's looking at a lot of different things to drop weight. I know he is in talks with Nutrisystem. There are some companies that would like to help Jon lose weight."

Hey, Kate wants Jon to lose weight, too. In the wallet.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, a rep for Nutrisystem told E! News that Lohan may want to check his facts.

"We are not presently in talks with Jon Gosselin in becoming a Nutrisystem spokesperson."


If money talks, then there's going to be a lot of jibber-jabbering going on today.

Jon and Kate Gosselin and their respective legal camps are meeting today to hash out various financial matters, including Kate's request for temporary spousal and child support and, not incidentally, her claim that Jon withdrew $235,000 from one of their joint bank accounts in the course of a week.

A few weeks ago, Jon swapped his previous representation for legal eagle Mark Heller after another round of tabloid accusations had him dallying with the family nanny, and they promptly tried to put the brakes on the Gosselins' divorce proceedings until after the two sides had a chance to work together without the oversight of a court-appointed arbitrator.

Jon then decided that having his kids star in a reality show, which now happens to be named Kate Plus 8, is no longer a good idea, and he demanded that TLC cease production.

Heller, who has said that legal action against the network is imminent over its allegedly unfair treatment of the Gosselin children, told E! News yesterday that neither side would be issuing any comment until after Tuesday's hearing.

So here we are, not quite 24 hours later, not really missing either Jon or Kate, but yet waiting to hear what's happening behind closed doors.

(Originally published Oct. 13, 2009, at 5 a.m. PT)

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker and Ashley Fultz


Whatever happens today, it'll just be another chapter in the Reality of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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