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    Kim Kardashian's in a Good Place With Reggie Bush

    Who would have thought Kim Kardashian would be the least dramatic of all her sisters? Okay, who really thought the Kardashians would get that famous at all?

    While Khloé is coming off of a shotgun wedding and Kourtney is prepping for a baby boy, Kim has been dealing with what unfortunately many of us know all too as, well, boy problems...

    After briefly confirming she was back on with Reggie Bush last week, Kim told us last night at the Hollywood Style Awards that she and her hunky piece o' meat are doing just fine.

    "We are back together," Kim, hands down one of the best dressed gals of the night, 'fessed. "Sometimes taking time apart makes you realize what you really need and want?" We're just, you know, happy to hear.

    While the middle Kardashian is super-thrilled about everything that's been going on with her two busy sisters, Kim says she is in a very good place right now, too.

    Shocking thing is, many close friends to the now on-again couple agree. Swear, no sarcasm. The consensus seems to be that everyone, friends and family included, are glad the normal couple is back together.

    A close friend says Reggie and Kim are "very down to Earth," and that they are an easy, fun pair to be around.

    Wonder which gorg gal will be next in line to walk down the aisle, huh? Kim and Reggie? Kourtney and Scott? What do you say?


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