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Lily Allen


What hath Miley wrought? Other than the revelation amongst celebrities that the best way to keep your private life private is not, surprisingly, to chronicle your every scratch, flight pattern, yawn, romance, meal and emo thought online, that is?

Following Cyrus going on the Q.T., Courtney Love and Lily Allen have both apparently called it quits on their respective Twitters—though mercifully, the latest ship-jumpers didn't announce their departures in song form.

Rather, Love quietly shut down both of her accounts (why she needed two to begin with, we'll never know), while Allen last month posted a short and sweet goodbye message, seemingly made all the more permanent by her subsequent lack of updates.

"I am a neo-luddite, goodbye," she wrote.

Of course, like Miley before them, the timing on both exits is not without suspicion…

For Allen's part, the shuttering of her account came at roughly the same time her relationship with layman builder Sam Cooper kicked into overdrive, fueling speculation that the British songbird is making a (granted, rather considerate) concession for her Man Friday.

Maybe Liam Hemsworth had a word?

As for Love, well, as with most things, her situation is a bit more messy.

Not content to simply stop posting, she shut down her accounts completely. The online erasure came in the wake of daughter Frances Bean Cobain's unprovoked (and much retaliated-against) Ali Lohan-centric rant.

But lest anyone think her online abandonment was the result of nothing more than maternal back-having, consider this: Earlier this year, the rocker had the not so fine distinction of becoming the first Twitterer to be sued for malicious libel over the content of her tweets.

Her former fashion designer slapped Love with the suit after being called a "nasty lying hosebag thief," among other less flattering epithets. A hearing on the matter is reportedly due to take place this month.

As it happens, abandoning the microblogging site for non-virtual worlds isn't just for the fairer persuasion. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor also called time on his online updates back in July.

"I believe I've done all I care to do here at this point," he wrote. "Flesh and reality and silence are calling."

Luckily, not all celebs are having such a change of heart (thanks, Jess!). Watch this cyberspace.


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