Didn't we already use the phrase "lamest SNL sketch ever" last week?

Too bad.

Once again, the formerly fabulous Saturday Night Live left something to be desired as six-time host Drew Barrymore tried her darndest to muster up some laughs from the not-so-funny material she was given to work with.

The result? One semisilly skit plugging an A&E series, Celebrity Ghost Stories. Real-life Barrymore beau Justin Long popped up as a shirtless, bongo-playing Matthew McConaughey, and while the overall buffness factor was a little off, Long's Southern drawl was spot-on. But it was SNL standout Abby Elliot who stole the show with her eerily uncanny impersonation of fellow funnylady Anna Faris.

Unfortunately, Barrymore drew the short straw and had the impossible feat of playing Sharon Osbourne—a role that Amy Poehler perfected during her days at SNL. There wasn't one other celeb Drew was equipped enough to impersonate? We're just sayin'.

(Originally published Oct. 11, 2009, at 9:29 a.m. PT)


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