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Dear Ted:
Pride and Prejudice has recently become my daughter's favorite movie (over 20 viewings and counting), and Keira Knightley her new favorite actress. KK seems intelligent, takes good roles in films and seems to stay out of the lime-light. What's the scoop on KK? Isn't she dating one of the co-stars from P & P?

Dear Heart The Brits:
Keira is smart and a good actress. Of course she falls into some of the Hollywood pitfalls, namely how thin she is, but I think she's been working on that. I like her, too.

Dear Ted:
I always thought that of all of the guys on The Office, B.j. Novak was the hot one. What's he like in real life? Any chance he's single?

Dear Silent, Shy Type:
While I'm more of a John Krasinski type, I totally agree BJ is such a doll. Met him at the Emmys and totally dug the nerdy, but totally delicious guy! Super nice in person, as well.

Dear Ted:
Was there ever a (popular) Blind Vice where the most popular guess was way off?

Dear Smarty Pants:
Of course!

Dear Ted:
As a loyal General Hospital viewer (who's thrilled about James Franco coming along), I'm appalled at the flack James Franco is getting for his decision. "Starving, naive, and stupid" he is not, and that's an insult to soap actors anyway. GH is home to extremely talented people and I'm sure James will shine there. It's an odd career move for someone of his caliber, but to say it'll hurt his career is just ridiculous.

Dear Backed Me Up:
I've said my peace on the James decision. Odd move, yes, but let the actor do what he wants to do—act.

Dear Ted:
The other day I was looking at the list of websites you link to on the Blog Roll, and I was thrilled to see PostSecret! I've only known about your site for a few months now, but I've been going to PostSecret for years. Thanks for linking to it so others can find the website and hopefully get something out of it as I have in the past! Quick question: Could you please say that Stinky Carrot-Crotch is not John Krasinski?
—Doggy Matian

Dear Emo Girl:
Glad we share the same taste in websites and men. No, Stinky isnt Krasinski. Think less funny.

Dear Ted:
The thing that people don't seem to understand about what David Letterman did is that although it was not as overtly non-consensual as a rape, it was still a situation where the women involved would have been afraid to say "no" because they would have feared losing their jobs. In those sorts of situations, romantic entanglements can never really be described as consensual. It's an abuse of power whether someone's job was threatened or not. Letterman should know better. And you're right, if he did really know better, he would have apologized and let that be the end of it.

Dear Majority Reaks:
Surely I must have read that wrong—you're actually agreeing with me? Good way to start off a Monday!

Dear Ted:
Are you sure Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are really married? Did you see them on Saturday Night Live? They seemed so uncomfortable together. Ryan spent more time with his arms around Sandra Bullock! Are they that awkward together or is it an arrangement for publicity? By the way, Lady Gaga was a hell of a lot more entertaining. They should have just built the show around her!

Dear Arranged Marriage:
It cant be for publicity since, aside from SNL, they are never together. This coupling (besides shared beauty) beats me, too, babe.

Dear Ted:
I have become an AT fan since my exams have come around...It has become quite a good procrastination effort. I was wondering—is it just me or is Robert Pattinson's hair beginning to resemble Russel Brand's? Looking at your most recent clip, I dare to say it is. Still not unattractive although I am more of a Jackson Rathbone fan.

Dear Odd Ball:
They may be equally as dirty (in different ways), but RP is way more doable! Way. Sorry though, I stay loyal to R.Pattz over Jackson, although JR is just as charming.

Dear Ted:
Why can't we just get rid of Jon Gosselin? He's not even remotely cute, he's a terrible role model, and he's irresponsible! Can't E! and everyone else just ban him?

Dear I Wish:
Then everyone needs to stop reading the stories and buying the magazines, unfortunately money talks, and the public can't get enough of the effing Gosselins. Drives me crazy!

Dear Ted:
I hope you're hanging in there, hon. I'm at 48 hours without a smoke, and it ain't easy! Just read the readers comments about James Franco and soaps. It may have been "back in the day" but I do remember Elizabeth Taylor appearing on General Hospital and Carol Burnett on All My Children, just to name a few. I don't understand dissing the soaps. It's a lot of work putting out a show daily, and many of the actors are extremely talented.

Dear Death By Career Choice:
Good memory!

Dear Ted:
I love you but seriously, every time a woman gets laid it isn't abuse. Get over that. David L. may not look so great but many women would want to tango with the money and power, not so much the man.
—S Williams

Dear Yes, But:
You should have stopped with the first sentence.

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