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Dina Lohan: Ali and Lindsay Are "Geniuses"

It's been quite the week in Lohan Land. Lindsay debuted her failed attempt at fashion, Frances Bean Cobain reamed Ali, Michael ranted about Lindsay's prescription pill addiction, and Dina announced her highly anticipated shoe line that is actually called Shoe-han.

If it weren't for the Gosselins, the Lohans would have totally owned this week. But it's not 2007, and we only have room for one oversaturated, dysfunctional family, although that will never stop a Lohan!

Last night, Dina officially announced her Shoe-han line and explained she's making shoes because, "We all have to walk in shoes." Can't argue with that.

Naturally, like any conversation with Dina, everything immediately turned to jealous haters.

And the Lohans certainly have a lot of haters.

"I am oversensitive because I am a mom," Dina told E! News. "I am not oversensitive to the press, I'm kind of over it. Lindsay says, 'They say so much worse about me, Mommy. Shut up, don't worry.' You have to stay focused and follow your dream. What people are going to say, they are going to say. That's life."

Dina adds that Lindsay is "doing fine" after being torn apart by the fashion press but doesn't really get into too much detail like her ex-husband. In fact, she won't even talk about her ex's blabbing all over the place.

"I don't talk about it, it's personal," she says. "I can't control somebody else and their thoughts and what they are doing. They are estranged right now, so the best thing for me is for him to be a great dad to his kids. And that is where it's at. You can't control anyone. I have learned that, it took me a while, but I have learned that."

Finally, don't let bad weaves and sequined pasties fool you, Lindsay is a genius. And so is Ali.

"I need their help. They are so genius. The mom shoes I'll work on, but the teen line Ali is going to work on. Lindsay signed with Ungaro, and they make amazing shoes. She is under contract with them, but I will have her input, yay or nay."

Um, so who's going to buy their own pair of Shoe-hans? There's probably a waiting list somewhere...


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