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Modern Family, Cougar Town Live; Southland Dies

Cougar Town, Courteney Cox ABC/MICHAEL DESMOND

Hey, ABC. You did good today!

Not only did the Alphabet net pick up some show called The Middle which we're just going to sort of gloss right over, but network reps also just confirmed that they've given a full-season pickup to both Courteney Cox's (and Scrubs producer Bill Lawrence's) promising new comedy Cougar Town and our pick for the best new comedy of the season: Modern Family.

Don't you love it when good TV survives?

And yet, this also just in: Sources confirm that a certain NBC show many of you fans love has just been canceled. Southland starring Ryan Atwood Ben McKenzie is not going on the air at all this season, despite a planned Oct. 23 premiere. (And a certain costar is tweeting his, um, disappointment, to put it lightly...)

The cop series aired a handful of episodes last spring, and had been slated to return on Friday nights with Law & Order this season, but according to insiders the plug has been pulled.

No word back yet from reps at NBC, but executive producer John Wells released a statement: "I'm disappointed that NBC no longer has the time periods available to support the kind of critically-acclaimed series that was for so many years, a hallmark of their success. We remain extremely proud of Southland; and are actively looking for another home for the series."

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Ben McKenzie's partner on the series, just tweeted: "Don't go quietly. People need to know when they f--k up this big. Saw ep 2.1...Dumb f--king people. Call NBC and ask them where the promos are. I am serious."

In other news, Cudlitz will most likely be looking for roles at other networks in the future.

Earlier this week, CBS announced full-season orders for NCIS: Los Angeles, starring LL Cool J, and The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies.

Is NBC making a mistake? Is ABC on the money? Give your feedback in the comments below...


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