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What Do DWTS Dancers Do After Stars Get the Boot?

Cheryl Burke Will Binns,

What do the professional dancers do once the celeb is booted off of Dancing With the Stars—or leaves with an injury? Are they free to go and find other work or are they still working for the show?
—Jelykat, via the Answer B!tch inbox

Rejoice, for Cheryl Burke and her brethren are free to shed their sequined shrinkwear and flee to parts beyond. And flee they do, as long as they can make it back in time to perform in the occasional results show or finale.

In fact, your favorite dancer may actually slip out of the state and alight onto a princess fairy cloud near you. Like who? Like where? Well...

Burke, who had been Tom DeLay's partner before he hobbled away, alone has more projects going than there are adorable little leaps in the Lindy Hop.

According to her rep, Cheryl stays on call for the show after being eliminated, just in case, you know, a pop star materializes at a results show and needs a dancer to accompany some singing. (A show spokesperson confirms that eliminated pros often come back and perform even when their more famous partners have tap-danced to parts unknown.)

Burke will also be a promotion and entrepreneurial machine in coming weeks, making appearances around the country—she'll be in the Chicago area later this month—and developing an eco-friendly line of workout wear.

If you need to get your DWTS dancer fix on in the more immediate future, Burke will be receiving a Style Award from Hollywood Life magazine on Sunday. At least as of right now; one never knows when Queen Latifah may need her songs interpreted in dance.

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