Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

Sorry all—this isn't some juicy item about how Justin Timberlake has left Jessica Biel and is shacking up with Rihanna.

Last time we checked in surrounding the rumors 'bout J.T. and Jess splitting up, friends of the couple told us while the off-and-on pair is on rocky grounds, they aren't completely kaput yet.

Justin's rep also has stated that no such breakup has happened.

But do actions speak louder than words?

It's clear that Justin and Jessica are both focusing on work right now (with a dash of partying thrown in), which will take them cross-country from each other, and it doesn't exactly seem like J.T. is in mourning.

A "single-looking" Justin hit up L.A. hot spot Crown Bar recently with no Biel in sight.

"Justin was at a table with guy friends but was talking and flirting with a few girls who came up to him," an eyewitness tells E! News. "He seemed like he was having a great time just hanging out in his booth with friends."

Meanwhile, Jessica is up in Vancouver filming The A-Team and is all work with much less play. Sources tell us that Jess is hardly happy about their separation.

If things already didn't look grim, on Oct. 19, Timberlake starts shooting The Social Network in Boston and Baltimore.

Think the two will reconnect before they split up...physically, that is? Possibly.

A friend close to the couple insists that J & J still "talk," but it's only a "matter of time" before Justin and Jess are done for good.

"They just aren't in a good place right now."


Let's hope Jess isn't inducted into our True He's Just Not That Into You Love Stories gallery.

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