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    Is Twitter Totally Over for Celebs?

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    Jane Adams, Hung
    Jane Adams, Hung Chuck Hodes/HBO

    Twitter may be the perfect way to find out what your fave celebs are eating for lunch—or to get a quick peek at Demi Moore's ass, thanks to hubby Ashton. But is the fun social network device now getting to be more trouble than it's worth?

    Hung's Jane Adams (a doll we totally love) was caught dine-and-dashing at Barney Greengrass restaurant recently, via her stilted waiter's Twitter account. Tsk-tsk, babe!

    She had her rep go back to the eatery and pay the bill the next day, but the deal had already been tweeted online.

    Adams, at least, had less to worry about than the angry server, who ended up being fired for tweet-bitching about the incident (in addition to providing reports on other celebrities he's served).

    But that may be just the beginning of Twitter backlash...

    Lindsay Lohan's always making a mockery of herself on @sevinNyne6126, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler can barely go a day without fighting online, and Tila Tequila was tweeting suicidal thoughts, terrifying her followers for her well-being. Whether T.T. meant what she said or was just joshin' around, no one's finding it funny.

    And even the more smiley typers out there in Twitter land might be discouraged from their online antics—the Federal Trade Commission recently outlined a bunch of new rules for bloggers to abide by, including having to fess up if you're being paid to endorse a product on your blog or social network.

    Hello, every last celeb out there!

    That means you probably can't tweet about how much you can't live without your beloved megabucks beauty products, or how magical your dinner was at Nobu, without mentioning you were given it for free. So much for trying to appear subtle!

    Maybe stars should hop off the blog bandwagon before Twitter jumps the shark entirely? We sure know it's the celebs who (allegedly) don't Twitter—aka Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—who keep us interested in them far longer than somebody who doesn't ever shut the hell up.

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