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True Blood, Stephen Moyer

Jamie Trueblood/HBO

Stephen Moyer knows how to give good interview.

In the British magazine Company, the True Blood stud teases us with some frisky thoughts and recollections.

Among the goodies…

Moyer, 39, admits to enjoying romps in public places.

"I once accidentally messaged one of my friends something meant for a girlfriend, and it was incredibly inappropriate," Anna Paquin's onscreen and real-life love says.

"It was a proposal of sorts, to go and do something in a park. It was rather filthy, so I've since got used to triple-checking before I send texts now."

While Mr. Moyer didn't reveal exactly what was in that text, he did give his approval for sex on the first date. "It depends whether the two consenting adults know what they're getting into," he said. "If it's just going to be that, and that's the agreed perception, then whatever works."

Now, for all you vampire fans who can't separate fact from fiction, listen up! Bill Compton and Edward Cullen are not real!

"Robert Pattinson and I are probably the only people where the first thing people say is, 'Bite me,'" Moyer said. "Sometimes they try and bite me, which is weird."

Also weird? The woman who asked him to autograph her breast: "I kept thinking, 'Do you really want my illegible script over your nipple?'"


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