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Madonna is definitely back in the groove of being a New Yorker, and was spotted catching some live theater?other than her love life, that is.

Madge got dolled up to see Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in A Steady Rain at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

The lights were turned down just before the show when M finally slunk to her seat, trying to avoid everyone looking at her instead of the two hunks onstage. Maybe it was her cell-phone ringing that infuriated Jackman so much? That'd be too perfect, let's just assume it was!

And how are Hugh and Dan doin' in the show?

One theatergoer tells us the talent wasn't all on the same level...

Jackman started off the play still doing his Aussie accent, despite playing an Italian-American. He managed to finally get into the accurate accent, but kept slipping back into a Down Undah dude throughout the show. Brit Craig, howev, has less stage experience than Hugh and managed to stay American throughout the play. Maybe Hugh should hand his Tony over to Dan for a li'l bit as punishment?

Before the show, one famous face strutting outside the Steady Rain theater was?

Dustin Hoffman and one of his daughters, walking down Broadway, about to catch some high-class art themselves. Our on-the-street source says the "circus around him was quite frightening."

Only on B'way would a respectable dude like Hoffman be hounded like he was Lohan! But Dust managed to guide his daughter down the street while she chatted on her phone, ignoring her hero dad completely.

The worst part of it? Says our star spotter: "It was quite disturbing to hear some tourists think she was his girlfriend." Hey, ya never know nowadays with celebs. Hef had three girlfriends decades younger than him?we're sure 72-year-old Hoff could score a college chick no problem if he weren't already hitched.

?Additional reporting by Becky Bain


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