Seriously, she did. You missed it?

Saturday Night Live kicked off it's 35th season with host Megan Fox and while we're not enitrely sure why the oh-so-underexposed actress was chosen (actually, we're pretty sure it was just because she's hot), we're kinda glad she was.

Megan played up her sexpot persona throughout the hour-and-a-half gig, but the monologue was surprisingly candid—and oh yeah, did we mention the nude photos she brought along of herself?

Just a few weeks ago, Ms. Fox made a declaration to keep her clothes on because nudity "lives forever." But last night, Megan confessed in front of the entire SNL universe that those crazy internet shots are in fact real and that they've taught her a great deal about her own body.

See some of the pics above, including Megan as a centaur. Hey, it has to be real if it's online, right? And since we can't resist, Megan's real-life love Brian Austin Green pops up in an Andy Samberg Digital Short after the jump. Can you guess which Transformer he is?


Think you know Megan Fox? Take a peek at The Many Moods of Megan Fox gallery to test your knowledge.

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