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    Jay-Z Defends Kanye: "He Didn't Kill Anybody"

    Jay-Z, Kanye West Arnold Turner/Getty Images

    For those of you wondering where in the world Jay-Z was during the Kanyegate furor, the answer is England.

    Which would explain why he was about the only person in the world who hasn't yet weighed in on Kanye West's Taylor Swift -belittling VMA hissy fit on our shores. That is, until a BBC Radio 1 DJ got hold of Hova today.

    "It's an awards show," Jay-Z said, dismissing the hullabaloo around his "Run This Town" collaborator (and de facto "little brother")'s spotlight hijacking.

    "He's just a superpassionate person."

    Well, that's one word for it...

    "Of course it was rude, because it was her moment, but that's the way he really felt. I think it was rude, but the way they're treating him…He's on the cover of every paper. He didn't kill anybody. No one got harmed."

    No one but a blindsided 19-year-old, that is. (Clearly, he hasn't been keeping up on his View watching.)

    "I think it's a bit blown out. It was pretty rude," he said, adding, "At the end of the day, we're gonna celebrate him for his passion more than vilify him. As he grows and matures, he has to balance that.

    "It just wasn't appropriate. It wasn't fair to Taylor. It wasn't fair to her at all."

    Still, Jay-Z said he doesn't back West's already reneged promise to take a break.

    "I don't think he should lay low. I think he should move on and have a brilliant career."

    (Originally published Sept. 18, 2009, at 9:39 a.m. PT)


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