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With This Face, Would You Do Rachel McAdams?

Rachel McAdams Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Who can't love Rachel McAdams? She's one of the few classy, charming actresses in this town, and we totally adore her. But what the ef is going on with her face in this pic?

The usually stunning Rachel is popping up everywhere in NYC for Fashion Week, and while she typically can do no wrong in our eyes, there's nothing right about McAdams' puss here, while she's sitting next to her bestie of the week, Vogue's chief diva-with-a-whip, Anna Wintour.

If we didn't know Rache any better, we'd say they were almost in the same age bracket. Why's that?


Rachel McAdams Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Clearly, R.M.'s still suffering from postbreakup stress after splitting with hunk-muffin Josh Lucas? Can't keep track. It's written all over not only her face (dead eyes, puffy pout, listless bangs), but her whole body and outfit: She looks like she's auditioning for Sharon Stone's older, loveless sis in Basic Instinct 3. Hey, Rache, if you're not up to being seen in public yet, nobody would blame you for staying home until you are.

But this pained expression and ensemble, with the horrific old-pumpkin hair and the Mad Men cut gone wrong, makes us absolutely crave your usual gorge self. And as a recently divorced dude myself, I must say, I want to relish in other people moving on from their men with aplomb, so I must say I'm doubly disappointed on that score.

So lose the mom cut and cutting gaze, Ms. A, and throw some ridiculously sexy frock on your luscious bod and live it up! We heart ya. We just don't want to do ya.


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