Yesterday, Whitney Houston came clean on the drugs and her relationshop. Today, she opened up about Michael Jackson.

In part two of what Oprah Winfrey has touted as her Greatest. Interview. Ever, the Grammy-winning diva says Jackson's death was "devastating," revealing that she was very close to the King of Pop—and scared that she might have wound up with a similar fate.

"I had so many good memories of spending time with him," Houston said. "I've known his family for so many years. I thought it can't be true...I knew he was on painkillers at one time. I didn't know how far or how deep it was."

She recounted her appearance M.J.'s 30th Anniversary concert in 2001 where she shocked fans with her bone-thin appearance.

"I just remember doing the 30th anniversary special and remember looking at Michael and remember looking at myself...I was getting scared," she said. "I didn't want to go down that road."

Houston said the last time she and Jackson spoke was during his 2005 trial on child molestation charges, for which he was eventually acquitted.

"By that time, he cut out a lot of people...He spoke to me on the phone but didn't want me to see him," she said. "To have it end like that saddens me."


Wanna relive Whitney's raspy  performance on GMA last week with daughter Bobbi Kristina? Get it here.

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