Let's hope Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz's onscreen action is better than the offscreen version.

The stars watched a stunt go awry this weekend during shooting of their upcoming crimefighter caper The Green Hornet, as a driver lost control of his car during a chase scene and crashed into the front of the headquarters of the Creative Artists Agency, and only E! News was there.

Rogen, Diaz and costar Edward James Olmos were filming a shootout with an incoming SWAT team in front of the offices of one of Hollywood's premiere talent agencies when the accident occurred.

None of the stars was involved in the scene. The stuntmen who were behind the wheel of the two vehicles walked away unscathed.

The same couldn't be said for the building. A portion of the driveway wall suffered moderate damage, prompting the film crew's construction department to work all day making repairs. A Sony Pictures rep described the incident as "a minor, noninjury accident" and said production was not delayed.

Barring further calamities, the Michel Gondry-directed flick should hit theaters Dec. 17, 2010.


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