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    Robsten & Eclipse Cast Keepin' It Cool On the Set

    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Is all quiet on the Summit front? That's what it seems like because we're not hearing (or seeing) a friggin' peep about what's going on with our favorite little vampires and humans up in VBC.

    Minus some tweets from director David Slade and a few pics of the second-class Twimates, the filming of Eclipse seems way more under wraps than New Moon. Doncha think?

    Well, that's exactly what the studio (brilliantly, might we add) wants.

    So what does Deep Twi have to say now that filming is under way? And how's our fave couple doing? Do read on:

    "It's all business right now," dishes D.T., telling us filming is going "great" and everyone is getting along with the new director. "There's definitely a more professional vibe this time around."

    That's no dig at Chris Weitz, everyone—cast and studio included—loved him (way more than Catherine Hardwicke, we assure you). Maybe the filming of Eclipse is just more intense, or maybe the young cast is growing up, but we're told that everything is, well, pretty normal for once up there. Well, as normal as you get with these insanely horny kids, anyways.

    As for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? It's clear to everyone on the set by now that they're together. People obviously had some idea of what was going on when cameras stopped rolling, but Robsten definitely isn't being quite as sneaky 'bout it as before.

    This is a win-win for Summit, BTW. Its two moneymakers are happy now that they're semiallowed to be together (no sticking it to the studio with intentional pictures out), but you all won't see any of it because much more effort is being spent on keeping them way out of the public eye.  

    So far, the big publicity switch over at Summit is the best thing that's happened to Robsten, and the franchise, in a long time. They just don't care that much anymore! As long as Rob and Kristen play by some rules, that is.

    Can you Twi fans sacrifice the pictures of your fave starlets together this time around knowing they are safely snuggled up in a hotel room? Or is the lack of Robsten shots just too painful?


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