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    Are You Ready for Survivor's Biggest Villain Ever?

    Survivor: Samoa, Cast Monty Brinton/CBS

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to win Survivor. But that doesn't mean this season's winner won't be one.

    CBS this morning unveiled the 20 new castaways set to participate in their own battle of the fittest (and most conniving) when Survivor: Samoa kicks off Sept. 17.

    And forget the passé desire to "outwit, outplay and outlast." This year's group is all about outeviling, with the network claiming this season will boast the most dramatic rose ceremony ever "biggest Survivor villain ever."

    Considering the show's alumni, that's some steep competition. Adding an extra twist for its 19th season, the show (now with tweets!) will force tribes to immediately choose a chief to make all decisions pertaining to the group. Gee, we wonder if that will cause tension.

    Here's the full list of competitors:

    • Ashley Trainer, 22, spa sales; Maple Grove, Minn.

    • Ben Browning, 28, mixologist; Los Angeles

    • Betsy Bolan, 48, police officer; Campton, N.H.

    • Brett Clouser, 23, T-shirt designer; Los Angeles

    • Dave Ball, 38, fitness instructor; Los Angeles

    • Elizabeth Kim, 33, attorney; New York City

    • Erik Cardona, 28, bartender; Ontario, Calif.

    • Jaison Robinson, 28, law student; Chicago

    • John Fincher, 25, rocket scientist; Los Angeles

    • Kelly Sharbaugh, 25, hairstylist; Los Angeles

    • Laura Morett, 39, office manager; Salem, Ore.

    • Marisa Calihan, 26, student; Cincinnati

    • Mick Trimming, 33, doctor; Los Angeles

    • Mike Borassi, 62, personal chef; Marina del Rey, Calif.

    • Monica Padilla, 25, law student; San Diego

    • Natalie White, 26, pharmaceutical sales; Van Buren, Ark.

    • Russell Hantz, 36, oil company owner; Dayton, Texas

    • Russell Swan, 42, attorney; Glenside, Pa.

    • Shannon Waters, 45, sales; Renton, Wash.

    • Yasmin Giles, 33, hairstylist; Los Angeles


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